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Can Lying Memory Indicator?

Can Lying Memory Indicator?

What about lying in children? Scientists have wondered about it.

According to a recent study by child psychologists, children with memory are lying better.

In the study published in the journal Experimental Child Psychology, it was seen that good lying children could remember more words in the memory test.

In a study conducted by researchers from North Florida, Sheffield and Stirling universities, 114 children, six and seven years old, came from four different UK schools and participated in the study.
Researchers playing the question-and-answer game with children recorded the behavior of the children with the hidden camera.

In this way they were able to distinguish the children who were secretly looking at the answer to the question.

In the later stages of the research, they focused on the children who lied about why they were looking at the answer to the question.

But the same kids were not so good about visual memory.

Researchers explain the relationship of this to lying : Lying requires a trace of verbal information rather than visual memory.

Elena Hoicke, a doctor at the University of Sheffield, states that it is well known that adults lie in an average of five quarters of their social communications that last 10 minutes and more, so it is interesting to know which children lie better.
Hoicke says their next goal is to explore how children first learn to lie.

Children with autism do not recognize obstacles

Children with autism do not recognize obstacles

Turkcell is taking another important step under the umbrella of the Without Barriers Turkcell. Turkcell’s treasure inside is spent in the project to life under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, special classes established in schools and aims to support the education of children with autism all over Turkey with a free digital applications.
Turkcell ‘s Engel Tanımayanlar the Ministry of Education under the auspices under the roof, Seed Autism Foundation’s educational Treasury projects in Me, implemented with the support of the contents, Turkey’s aim to contribute in around autistic children education process.

Nearly 1000 children will be reached in schools!

Turkcell’s massive success in life to the project funding platform Arıkovanı autism ownership of Turkcell in Turkey reaches all children and their families. Within the scope of the project implemented in two areas, special classes were created for students with autism spectrum disorder and a digital application was developed for children with autism. So far, it is aimed to reach nearly 1000 students in 10 special education schools in Istanbul, Izmir, Usak, Ankara, Karabuk, Nevsehir, Osmaniye, Kilis, Corum and Tekirdag. In the schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, there are architectural equipment, various educational materials and tablets in line with the needs of the students. These training materials include the development of receptive and expressive language, self-care skills,

Technological support within the Treasury

Autism spectrum disorder is defined as a neuro-developmental disorder characterized by social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication disturbances, recurrent behaviors and limitation of interests. There are about 1 million autism in Turkey. 352 thousand of them between the ages of 0-18. Only 5 percent of children in this age range can benefit from educational opportunities. Developed under the supervision of child psychologists and trainers, Treasury in me application; support for the mental, behavioral and emotional development of children in need of special education; it also offers instant reports and informative content for parents and special education teachers to follow the development of children. Treasury in me in the world and in Turkey stands out as the most comprehensive application used so far.

Ömer Barbaros Yiş: Why shouldn’t we raise a Mozart?

As Turkcell 25 years, Turkey’s economic and society with social development voicing take concrete steps in order to have equal opportunities in all walks of Turkcell Marketing Director Umar Barbarossa NIS, “Beethoven, Jane Austen, Nicola Tesla, Mozart, Thomas Edison … The names and we all know their achievements. These names have a common point in the world of art, literature and physics that have disrupted the balance, they also have autism. One thing that they have in common is that the personalities are properly trained and have the opportunity to develop their skills. Why a Mozart or Tesla in Turkey? We have touched the lives of our 1 million children under the roof of the Without Barriers Biz projects. We are developing our 25 years of technology experience for the sake of people, and continue to offer them to their service. We will set up the necessary platforms and structures to support technological initiatives and projects, and ensure that these initiatives reach larger audiences. More and more children will reach and support. As of now, with the classes in the Treasury; We touch the lives of 1000 children in 10 provinces and 11 classes. However, the Treasury application to many autism in Turkey we aim to reach 1 million quickly. Our contents and the number of individuals we reach will soon increase in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and Seed Autism Foundation. İçerik We will set up the necessary platforms and structures to support technological initiatives and projects, and ensure that these initiatives reach larger audiences. More and more children will reach and support. As of now, with the classes in the Treasury; We touch the lives of 1000 children in 10 provinces and 11 classes. However, the Treasury İçimdeki application to many autism in Turkey we aim to reach 1 million quickly. Our contents and the number of individuals we reach will soon increase in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and Seed Autism Foundation.We will set up the necessary platforms and structures to support technological initiatives and projects, and ensure that these initiatives reach larger audiences. More and more children will reach and support. As of now, with the classes in the Treasury; We touch the lives of 1000 children in 10 provinces and 11 classes. However, the Treasury İçimdeki application to many autism in Turkey we aim to reach 1 million quickly. Our contents and the number of individuals we reach will soon increase in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and Seed Autism Foundation.

Special trainings for strategic human resources

Ahmet Emre Bilgili, General Director of Special Education and Guidance Services at the Ministry of National Education congratulated Turkcell on its educational activities. Bilgili, Our special talented students show a highly strategic human resource profile for our country. We are thinking about improving and improving our potential. Turkey and the educational and social support dimensions on special education, came to the race location with the world. The most important thing to note when working on this subject is to internalize the content of special education. If you’re adding your heart to what you’re doing, it’s very likely to be successful. By giving our hearts to our work, special education will be much more sacred. Turkcell is also committed to this. This project has two important dimensions. First, currently operating in 10 schools, but in a very short time with the unity of all schools will bring this in the second dimension of the Treasury mobile app in me is active in pushing families. of great importance for the future of Turkey, Turkcell I thank for their support of this project, “he said.

Great support for celebrity nouns awareness film

An awareness film was also prepared under the leadership of Turkcell and Tohum Autism Foundation to draw attention to the educational needs of children with autism. Famous names in the world of theater and cinema; Ali Poyrazoğlu, Bade Iscil, Emre Karayel, Kivanc Kasabali, Pelin Karahan and Sedef Avci played a role in this film provided a very important support to the education of children with autism.

Which Programs Should Children Watch on TV?

Which Programs Should Children Watch on TV?

Kids spend almost 18 hours a week in front of the TV. What should children watch in front of the television, what should parents watch them?

Experts said that the research revealed that children spend an average of 18 hours a week on TV, and therefore,, For this reason, prohibiting TV is not a solution; Therefore, we need to learn to live with TV and have a conscious time .

TV, especially on children and young people have numerous negative effects, he said. According to the research, the children revealed that they spent 18 hours a week on TV. Therefore, prohibiting TV is not a solution; Therefore, we need to learn to live with TV and have a conscious time.

Each child’s family structure, genetic characteristics, personality structure, emotional structure is different from the TV because of different effects, emphasizing the experts, said: The factors determine the way the child is affected by the TV. Today, TV has an undeniable influence on children’s life. We can use the TV in a positive way if we can control the time spent by the child on TV and the programs he watches. In the past, while there were only one television in the houses and a limited number of TV programs and channels, today there are countless TV channels and almost every room has a TV in our homes. This increases the likelihood of misuse of the TV.

Experts, children should be done for healthy TV watching as follows:
• Especially for children aged 0-6 years to watch TV for a long period of time:television and children – television and kids – what programs should watch on TV
When the children in this range are not spoken, the brain may not develop as healthy as they are not reacting to what they are doing and saying, and not being allowed to touch and play . Since the TV is a one-way communication tool, there is no mutual relationship. Children in this range are interested in 3D objects. However, the images on the TV are 2-dimensional. So the use of TV in learning processes for this age range is not significant enough. Especially in the 0-6 age group, minimizing the time spent on TV and spending time with the child by doing his / her activities will be the most beneficial way for the child’s development.

• Not displaying sexual and violent images:television and children – television and children – Children should watch what programs on TV
Depending on how it is presented , sexuality on TV can lead to misinterpretation of sexuality of young children, especially when involved with violence. Adult sexual behaviors of children can cause uneasiness and embarrassment; If sexuality, like all our other behaviors, is not presented in a manner with responsibilities and risks, such programs may lead children to develop inappropriate attitudes towards sexuality.

Children aged 7 and over may experience violent images, fear, anxiety and tension. The child, who is forced to make sense of such programs and images, can perceive the outside world as intimidating. This can lead to behaviors such as the difficulty of being separated from the parents, not wanting to be alone, the mother is too indulgent and does not want to go to school. It can negatively affect thinking, imagination and problem solving skills. It can also create reluctance to study.

• There should be no exaggerated responses to events and images as parents, and especially violent news should not be followed again and again in other channels.television and children – television and children – Children
• In the pre-adolescence period, the child should not be allowed to watch TV alone and choose TV programs.
• It is not recommended to watch TV before going to sleep and to sleep against TV.
• Feeding the child in front of the TV is not recommended as it may cause eating disorders in children.television and children – television and children – what programs should watch on TV
Some children in TV when used consciously and delimited:

• Can enrich children’s vocabulary.

• Can develop imagination.

• Documentaries; The general knowledge of the child about subjects such as nature, animals, plants, different cultures increases. Children’s educational programs are very useful for learning the shapes, colors and numbers of pre-school children.

• He / she may be curious about some subjects and he / she can investigate it from books. As a result, television can encourage the child to read.

• Watching television can be a way of discharging the child’s negative feelings in a sense.

• Provides common topics to be talked about in social settings so it can facilitate communication with friends.

• Programs appropriate to the child’s age and comprehension level should be selected.

• Watch TV with parents or with someone else and discuss and discuss the events.

• When watching TV, the light should be on: It is more convenient to watch TV in a bright environment so that the eyes do not get any more tired.

• When eating, the TV should be off: it is healthier for family members to be in touch with each other in the dining environment.

• The average TV should be viewed at a distance of 2 meters from the TV.

• The average daily non-stop time should be monitored for a maximum of 1 – kids tv – What Programs Should Children Watch on TV

• Making a weekly schedule list and opening the TV according to this list, keeping the TV off at other times,

• Identifying ıt Days of non-TV viewing once a week or several days, and presenting activities that can be done together or with peers rather than watching TV to the child,

• Do not turn on the TV as much as possible, for example, to turn on the TV only to listen to music;

• No TV in the child’s room,

• The TV is not used as a penalty or reward, (because in this way, we will increase the value of the TV further)

• Explaining to the child what kind of drawbacks can be seen when watching the programs

• Suggesting different activities to children outside of watching TV (Go shopping together, baking cakes, washing the car, watering flowers, repairing, walking, cycling, reading books) will be useful for reducing TV viewing.

Do You Take Time for Your Child?

Do You Take Time for Your Child?

It is very important for parents to spend time emotionally on the development of children, especially in the first five years.

Research shows that it is very important for parents to be emotionally involved in the development of children, especially in the first five years of age. Especially in these years, children have very positive contributions to the development of central nervous system.

Parents should leave aside the intensity of their daily work and only have time for their children. It is common for fathers to spend less time with their children due to various reasons they have difficulty in giving children time. This time of separation will provide many benefits for your child in the short and long term, so many of these benefits are just a few of them.

The time you spend with your child is very important in terms of his self-confidence development, as it is worth the time you give him. Out of the subconscious I care about you because I spare time you give the message. Acting as if it is not in the house, which does not take into account the presence and absence, indirectly affects the self-confidence of the child.

Especially in families with a high number of children, it is important that each child has equal time. Because the number of children is small or there are no other siblings in the families with one child or the number is less, the task of spending more time is calculated as a further increase in the number of parents.

The time you spend with your child will cause him to cope with stress more easily and more easily overcome the difficulties. When we look at the research done especially up to adulthood period, it is seen that people who have close ties with their parents and family during their childhood struggle more easily with the stress situation they face and they recover more easily in cases such as depression. This will make your child stronger in the short and long term.

The time you spend with your child will give you an intimacy between you and him, giving you a more relaxed emotional expression against you, which will make it easier for you to understand what he feels emotionally and internally. Otherwise he will become a child who is far away from you, cannot express his feelings to you and who does not share with the family even though he has many problems. In the long term, this seems likely to cause many psychiatric problems.

We can say that the quality of your child is not the length of time you spend with your child. One of the most frequently asked questions is time, which is an important problem especially for working mothers.

The issue we emphasize here is;
By increasing the quality of your time spent with your child, you can meet the needs of this issue.
Do not forget to spend time in your daily life with a program and eating, watching television, sleeping and so on with your child.
According to each age group, it will ensure your child’s happiness and contribute to his / her normal psychological development.
Otherwise, your child will ask you for time problems with behavior problems and you will have to deal with it.

Is it possible to increase the intelligence of children?

Is it possible to increase the intelligence of children?

Intelligence test

Every parent wants his child to have high intelligence. But does the children’s intelligence increase? What can be done to increase intelligence?

Considering that only 20% of Einstein’s intelligence has reached great thoughts, it is possible to say that the use of intelligence is as important as intelligence. Because intelligence tests may not exactly show the intelligence of our child.

Is It Possible to Improve Children’s Intelligence?In other words, he takes our child who has low scores in intelligence tests, develops his intelligence, dissolves lots of intelligence tests, conducts discussions that lead to thought, leads the way of past scientists, plays games that develop mind skills and dexterity together, learn to love learning and awaken a sense of curiosity. If we dispatch the same test a year later, we can see that the scores of our child’s intelligence test are high.

Is it possible to increase children’s intelligence?Intelligence is a skill that can be developed or even developed. When we look at the general characteristics of children with high intelligence, we see that there are children who are interested in learning from a very early age, who speak quickly, who walk fast, who perceive fast, but who get bored quickly as perceived. When these children are in the environment to grow their intelligence, their capacity utilization increases and they reach great successes.

Intelligence alone is not enough for success. What we call genius in different branches such as Mozart, Picasso, Mikelanj and Steven Hawking, and the people that we cannot understand what they have done, is that they have worked for many years in the area they target while capturing these achievements.

As a child, he cannot achieve this success unless a human being makes a human effort in the subject he wants to achieve. Consider Federer, whose place in world tennis rankings has not fallen from the top 3 for many years. He would not have been able to get a good tennis training and where he came from, no matter how talented he was.

High intelligence is a skill that only facilitates the work of children, but let us not forget that we have the capacity of a huge, inert brain that will determine our intelligence and contribute to its growth . If we can use this capacity well, then the dimensions of what we can do will increase to much larger proportions.child development – intelligence development in children – is it possible to increase the intelligence of children?

For this reason, we should reveal our children’s mental abilities, direct them to activities that will use their mental capacities, and not let the television and computer blunt their brains.

Of course, television and computer should not be completely removed, but to increase their mental capacity intelligence games, activities to increase handicraft, to increase physical development to be directed to the sport, often to develop their thinking skills to discuss and discuss the issues we need to make a multi-faceted think. The only thing to be avoided in doing so is not to describe what they say and do as ”stupid lar and not to approach even the most ridiculous ideas of us.

How to go to school for lessons, private teachers and tutoring lessons from the teacher in the same way we get help from teachers, psychologists and psychiatrists for their mental development should benefit from their knowledge and experience in this field. We should not forget that their personal development is more important than their ability to reach out by hand.

25 Tactics That Will Make Your Child Smarter

25 Tactics That Will Make Your Child Smarter

Keep in mind that children learn a lot of things by following you and be a good example. It is also useful if you take into account the following suggestions to raise your intelligence level .

1. Talk to him. Talking to your children and listening to them is the two most important things you can do. If no one talks to him, he does not learn to speak, and if no one listens to it, his brain cannot practice; therefore, he cannot communicate. Talk, he’ll need to contact you in every period of his life! According to research, the way you talk to your baby is different from the others and your baby learns to speak from your words. Your words are full of compassion for your parents to the development of your brain .

2. Say the songs. If you sing songs with your baby, laugh and joke, your children will talk sooner.

3. Describe objects. Named him, describe some objects, compare them with other objects, explain what they do. You’ll notice that you listen to pure attention!

4. Cut sounds from the background. If the sound of the television or radio is very clear, it prevents you and your baby from listening and speaking.

5. Give him your full attention when your child speaks. Try not to turn your back, kneel down and make eye contact.

6. Read him something. It allows your child to read something, learn his / her language, increase his / her perceptions, attention width. So make the books a part of your life, and make your child sleep while you read to him. When you start to draw your child’s attention, read the figures of the letters so that some children can learn to read from the age of 3.

7. Play music. Although classical music hasn’t been proven to provide your child with a brighter intelligence, music will enrich his mental and emotional development. Some people believe that music and mathematics are interrelated. However, studies show that musicians are no different or better than most people in mathematics. The learning courage that families provide with their books and communication plays an important role in the mathematical ability of children.

The Modern Cinderella Story
8. Sing to your child while you sleep. This helps your child to sleep more comfortably as well as to improve the vocabulary.

9. Teach other things with music. Yardımcı 1- 2 -3 We are washing our hands 4- 5-6 Now it is time to brush your teeth… zaman melodies like help your child to concentrate and remember the words.

10. Let your child choose the music he loves. And the drums, use the cymbals for a while to remove the noise.

11. Let it paint. Don’t stop your children from spending time with crayons and play dough, because they increase their manual skills and help them express themselves in an artistic way.

12. Be sure to present your tastes. Compliment them and hang them on a wall that everyone can see.

13. Keep materials for artistic activities. Do not throw egg boxes, store shopping packages, and use to cut and glue rolls on toilet paper. You can collect leaves in the park to make different collages and store the pieces of wallpapers for your children.

14. Make the numbers a part of your life. The sooner he learns math, the more comfortable he is and the better his confidence. Start with small steps, such as counting staircases.

15. Teach the numbers in a melodic way. ”Six out of five after breakfast, six of seven cat livers after six“.

16. Talk about quantities such as large and small. . Can you count the plates on the table?? Mis Do you want the big one or the small one?

17. Teach the numbers with the help of toys and games. Get magnetic numbers pasted into the refrigerator, the ones made of foam you can throw in the bathtub, puzzles about numbers, or what Monopoly has for children.

18. Teach the numbers by dividing some things into pieces. Divide food into small pieces and count them together with your child.

You may be interested: Do this test, get to know yourself!
19. Never use the TV as a babysitter. Because he can’t be in your place to communicate with your children.

20. Don’t worry about watching the same video or DVD countless times. Repetition helps your child learn.

21. Navigate and learn. You can learn a lot about trips to a park, library or store.

22. Try changing your activities occasionally. Have him / her play with other children and see them and their families regularly.

23. Benefit from all public facilities. Parks, libraries, museums, art galleries and swimming pools, such as places to take your child to socialize.

24. Use the mirrors. Let your baby see his / her body and mobility by watching the reflection.

25. Feed the breast milk. Breast it until your baby is at least 6 months old

What Parents Should Know About Blue Whale Game?

What Parents Should Know About Blue Whale Game?

We have created a file on what parents and teachers should know about the Blue Whale Game.

1. Blue Whale Game Danger

Blue Whale Game Blue Whale is known as the game that keeps children alive.

The Blue Whale (Blue Whale) game, launched on the site of the social friendship in Russia, is on the agenda with the claim that it caused suicide by a Turkish youth. It is said that more than 130 young people committed suicide in Russia alone.

What is Blue Whale (Blue Whale) game? Is it just a fiction or the fact itself?
The game, known to have been designed by a 21-year-old programmer with psychology, is complemented by 50 different missions given to players by various managers. Not so long ago, one of the programmers of his game confessed his guilt about the horrific things about the game. After this event, the game’s designer and other people who are authorized in the game began to be searched in the country. So much so that even a woman psychologist is currently wanted by the police because of this game. The reason for searching is to prepare the music and videos of the game in a way that affects the subconscious of the players and encourage them to commit suicide!

2. Why do players commit suicide?

First of all, we would like to point out that the answer to this question is not in the game. First, the music and visuals in the game target the fragile structure in the subconscious. These music and visuals cause fear, weakness, communication problems, helplessness and deep sorrow in the players. This causes the subconscious mind to remain out of control. In the next stage, players are dragged into thoughts such as obsession, misery, helplessness, drowning sorrow and the simplicity of life.

The psychological techniques used at this stage shift the player’s perception gradually. According to human psychology, people who are dragged into thoughts in this way when they want to do something is made before the small demands. When these are completed, they are replaced with bigger and serious demands. The person will never be disturbed to do what is desired and is no longer able to realize that he is only directed to something good or bad because he trusts the router. Children are much more in danger. Because, because the children’s brain is still in development, this technique is unfortunately applied to them much more quickly and easily. Different techniques and uses of this technique are found in sales & marketing and persuasion techniques.

3. Tasks given in the game

Now, let’s go back to the details of the game that allegedly led to suicide, and let’s look at the 50 tasks involved:

Draw. F57 photograps with a razor and send the photo.
Wake up at 4:20 in the morning, watch the horrible videos that appear psychopathic sent to you.
Cut your arm 3 times with your veins so that you don’t have a deep and send your photo.
Draw a picture of the whale on a sheet of paper and send the photo.
If you’re ready to be a whale, cut yes by cutting your leg. Otherwise, you’re certain to punish yourself many times. Solve the given encrypted task.
Draw ın f40 in in your hand and send your photo.
vIn the case, type. #i am whale in (rus. # я_кит).
Overcome your fears.
Wake up at 4:20 a.m. The higher, the better.
Draw a whale in your hand. And take a picture of it.
Watch horror videos that appear psychopathically all day long.
Listen to the music they sent you.
Cut your lip.
Stick the needle repeatedly in your hand.
Do something that hurts yourself and be sick.
Go to the highest roof you can find and wait for a while in the corner.
Go to a bridge and wait in the corner.
Find a crane and climb to the top or try to exit.
It will be checked if you are reliable.
Talk to a player or founder like you with a whale through Skype.
Sit on a roof and sit down in the corner, shaking your legs.
Resolve another encrypted task.
Secret mission.
Meet a whale.
The founder will tell you the date of your death and you have to accept it.
Wake up at 4:20 in the morning, find a railroad and walk on the tracks.
Do not talk to anyone during the day.
Swear you’re a whale.
As seen in the rules of the game, players are asked to watch and listen to music and horrific videos sent by the founder of the game between the 29th and 49th missions every day at 4:20 in the morning.
The last task, the 50th task, the player is asked to commit suicide by jumping off the roof.
At first glance, the question is: how is this terrible system developed to make a person do these things? The answer is a little in the game, and a bit in the player’s personality. The videos to be watched in the game and the music to be listened to as it is mentioned above is prepared by a psychologist sought in the country for the goal of the game carefully and directly affects the subconscious of the players. The players who are forced to give up the game or leave tomorrow, the game is threatened by the commanders said that “they will damage their families”. At the end of the 35th day, players who complete all the missions, as precisely as they are, are now already entering a deadly path that leads to the idea that there is an involuntary, motionless and very different life from the world.

The interesting thing is; so far, those who play this game are not weak or mentally undeveloped people. On the contrary, they seem to be very hard-working, intelligent people. A group of players say that the reason for starting the game is just curiosity. Another group said that after the things they heard about the game, they started to play the game by asking, ”Have people really made these? Bir. It is alleged that more than 130 young people committed suicide in Russia because of the game that was reached from the fiction to the terrible truth. To live with the play about the latest case emerged in some countries country, it is now showing that the young people in some countries unfortunately, trapped in this terrible game.

4. What is the solution for these harmful games, which is a social problems?

Families must pay maximum attention!
Families should be very conscious of such dangerous games. It should not be forgotten that it is the adoption by their families of what they need most, except to support, develop and use their children in a controlled manner in a controlled manner. Children, who are shown love by their families and who have an interest in sports, art, reading and writing in daily life, are protected from such dangerous games. If the child wonders about a game and wants to play it, it must play on one side of the game and necessarily on the other side. In other words, the family should spend time with the child, even under the control of the game world.

Constructive solutions in state policy!
What is happening with the Blue Whale game is perhaps the first, important start to the game world to be taken seriously. This is because the new games brought by the developing technology and digital culture cause new and dangerous addictions on young people. The fact that a young person spent his time in front of the game for 11 hours during the last months was the biggest proof of this dangerous addiction. Therefore, the state institutions need to take more serious steps as soon as possible to keep the games under control, not to allow the production and distribution of games that are likely to have such negative psychological impact.

In Social Media, some measures have been taken in this game. For example, in Instagram, users who search for the #bluewhale tag appear with the following automatic message:

Finally, in order to prevent such pain and grievances from happening again, we wish the authorities to intervene in the unconscious games that are on the market because of the integration of the world with technology in a short time, and that our children and youth will be protected from this great danger.

How to Treat a Computer and a Game Addict?

How to Treat a Computer and a Game Addict?

In computer games, the game squares passed in front of the eyes of the player who plays the game quickly think quickly and try to act quickly.When such games are played for hours, the brain is programmed to think fast and move fast. But the brainThe physician who evaluates many things at the same time as his / her physiology, cannot analyze and synthesize a subject deeply. In other words, quick thinking hinders focus and focus on a subject or object. Therefore, everything that the person is directed to is addressed from a deep perspective. This leads to big problems especially in students and it is not possible to concentrate on the lessons. No matter how difficult the student can not learn the subject he is working on, because of computer games in the course of time due to overcrowding and varying degrees of hyperactivity develop very quickly due to hyperactivity comes .


Continuing to play computer games brain, fast but superficial thinking is programmed to think about. In this case, high level learning and detection difficulties occur. In fact, the parent binds the failure of his children to computer time. However, the main event is the physiological disorder in the brain formed by computer games. The same disorder can be exposed to people who read very quickly. This physiological disorder may also occur in those who read very fast documents, books, newspapers or magazines for some reason, or those who do research in a continuous manner. In this case, focusing and concentration disturbance is inevitable after a while. Most of the time, people suddenly develop a weakening of the perception and analysis of their abilities, they are connected to any defect in their lives and never find the main reason, ” they said.


Reminding that a computer game addicted person in Norway killed sadistically 92 people who are on holiday in an island. Computer gaming addiction cannot be said to make everyone killer, but if there is an anti-social psychopathic personality disorder in the background, it can awaken the monster within it and lead to such mass killings. In a person who constantly kills the front because of the action game on the computer, the instinct of killing can be activated in real life. These individuals have a subset of psychopathic social adjustment disorders. When the balance in the brain due to continuous game play, the killer instinct or the sense of massacre can be activated. Behind the unreasonable massacres in various parts of the world, it is highly likely that there will be computer game addiction along with personality disorder.


They said about the treatment of gaming addiction;First of all, the brain should be fallow for a while. In other words, the person who has brain balance and balance due to computer games should stay away from the computer game for at least 3 months and should not enter into any learning activity. I personally suggest that students with such aberration should freeze for a period of time. During this period, I want nothing to read and stop learning. After a while, if the permanent disorders do not develop, brain function will return to its normal physiological state. Any drug use or antidepressant, anxiolytic drugs are ineffective for people with computer addiction. They can even make the situation worse. However, brain reset with TMS can result. Behavioral cognitive therapies, it does not correct distraction and learning disabilities, but it can help with game addiction. But most importantly, rest the brain for at least 2-3 months. ”

Let your children interrupt the use of electronic devices every two hours

Let your children interrupt the use of electronic devices every two hours

In the UK, public health experts have made some suggestions to make children’s relationship with electronic devices safer. One of these is to keep the electronic devices away from the dining table in the evening and to ensure that they are not used at bedtime.
According to the experts, it is also necessary to interrupt the screen activity every two hours.

The report, which contains the comments of experts on public health in the UK , on “Screen-related activities and the psychosocial health of children and young people” was published today.

The report emphasized that technology companies should make more efforts for the safety of children.

Other recommendations for families are as follows;

– Electronic devices should not be on the table while eating, and this important period for the development of children should be considered as time for family chat.

-The devices should not get into the bedroom

-The parents should talk to their children about being safe on the Internet and not being exposed to virtual threats and should tell them what they can do if they have concerns about it.

-Phone should not be used during crossing or other activities that require full attention

-Children should interrupt the use of the phone or tablet after 2 hours of display time, get up and move

– Parents should pay attention to the use of the device and pay enough attention to the children.

‘Social media companies should develop algorithms that highlight positive content’
The report stated that there was no clear and direct connection between the use of electronic devices and mental health problems.

It has been emphasized that the exposure of young people to eating images such as anorexia, which elevate their eating disorders, to suicide and self-injurious actions can be quite harmful.

Social media companies were also advised to develop algorithms that highlight positive content.

In England, a young girl named Molly Russell had recently committed suicide and was exposed to suicidal and self-injurious harmful substances. Father Russell, for Instagram “My daughter has helped die,” he said.

Professor Sally Davies, head of the Public Health Unit, said that he found the incident tragic and that some children were subjected to inappropriate content.

However, Davies said there is no clear link between screen activity and mental health problems, and should be cautious until the results of this research are concluded.

According to Davies, there is a need for new rules regulating the activities of technology companies in the UK. In particular, applications that lead to collecting a large number of likes of the kind that create screen addiction, or rewarding events such as photo sharing, need to be considered.

IQ Level Can Hit the Bottom in Adolescence

IQ Level Can Hit the Bottom in Adolescence

A study revealed that IQ is variable in growth and may show sharp spikes and decreases in this period.

So far, IQ was thought to be stable. Thus, predictions were made for the academic life and career of the child. However, recent findings on IQ show that teachers should not be in a hurry to make academic career predictions for their students.

According to the Guardian; According to Oklahoma State University’s research, the level of IQ in adolescence is affected by changes in the brain . Therefore, rapid and large changes in the level of IQ can occur.

brain – adolescent brain – IQ Level Can Hit the Bottom in Adolescence
According to Oklahoma State University’s research, the level of IQ in adolescence is affected by changes in the brain .
Sue Ramsden from University College London has done similar research on 33 students aged 12 to 16 years. These students were tested in 2004 by IQ.

When the test was repeated after 3-4 years, although the majority reached the same IQ values, some students increased or decreased the results by 21 points.

Scientists are now trying to figure out exactly what changed the IQ.