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Which book should be read at what age?

Which book should be read at what age?


* Musical, voice 
* Tactile stimulus 
* Familiar objects 
* Bright color 
* Less words and have plenty of pictures of these words (such as animals, goods) 
* Easy to wear quality 
* Hands to fit the size of these picture books touch, retention process begins. It helps to recognize the environment, to communicate with the environment, to the development of language, to increase the capacity of perception.


* Fairy tales with heroic figures 
* Familiar situations described 
* Objects can be classified 
* Well-pictured 
* Imagination of the text that mobilizes the importance of 
* The subjects are simple, the pictures must be strong enough to tell the story. The book that is read to the child contributes to the conceptual development and comprehension skills. In addition to contributing to the cognitive development and the foundations of personality, it helps to satisfy the desire and learning of learning and to ask questions.


* Strong story that 
* Concepts and advanced in terms of language 
* Characters strong 
* Only good and not true, poor-including incorrect characters 
* containing known words 
* with excerpts from real stories 
* teaches new information, educational 
* Reading is short and with large font for new learners written 
* should be of concern to books. Using imagination, making comments, trying new things, getting to know their feelings and thoughts, using the language appropriately and getting physical and emotional close with the person who reads.


* Children’s appropriate to the character and enjoy 
* Only post concerns carry, brain storming can be 
* Creativity of provoking, ending its can complete 
supportive about * Relations, well the next, which included abuse 
can recognize * Different cultures, universal, good translation is 
* Emotional You can choose exaggerated books, type of adventure, tutorial or message maker. Every new information about his interest and the hero will excite him, will begin to increase his desire to read. Exciting, adventurous events or emotions will attract books.

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