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3 years old and still do not speak …

If you are 3 years old and still do not speak …

Children who are expected to complete speech development until 3 years of age have various psychological problems caused by disorders caused by various reasons.

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Inability to use the age-appropriate language expected by the person himself. Speech development should be completed at 2, 5 years old. If a child is still unable to speak at the age of 3, this can be called delayed speech. If a child is 2 years old, if the individual can not use the word, the parent must suspect the situation. A speech delay can be a problem.


Arslan, who stated that another speech disorder is an articulation, said that this disorder is related to not being able to use oral symbols correctly and not producing sound. “The child can use some voices instead of each other. This is called speech rhythm disorder. For example, instead of ‘R’, the child can use ‘Y’. In this case, articulation is called phonological disorder. ‘said.


As for the specific speech disorder, expert psychologist Leyla Arslan said: “In some children language may have problems with the grammatical structure. Children use words instead of sentences. It uses words repeatedly and repeats those words. It makes word jump in sentence. They mix letters. It is seen as its own flaws. We call this group the original speech disorder. ‘

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“These people can mock their friends at school. Because children can not know how to respond to different conversations. When the teacher realizes this situation, he should talk to class. This conversation must be made at a time when that person is not. The school must tell children how to treat children with different characteristics. There should be suggestions about not being ridiculed with him, focusing on what he said rather than how he talked.

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