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Are You Taking Time For Your Child?

spend time to your kids

Especially in the first five years, it is very important for mothers and fathers to spend their emotional time on the development of children.

The research shows that it is very important for parents to spend their emotional time on the development of children, especially in the first five years. Especially in these years, it is stated that children have a very positive contribution to the development of the central nervous system.

It is time for the parents to leave the intensity of their day-to-day jobs and leave them alone for their children. It is a common situation that parents spend less time with their children because of different reasons. This time of separation will provide many benefits for your child in the short and long term, and these benefits are so numerous that we can count just a few.

The time you spend with your child is very important in terms of developing self-confidence, because taking time with him shows you the value you give him. Out of consciousness you will give the message “I value you because I am spending time”. Existence and absence are indirectly negatively affecting the child’s self-esteem by not participating in the account and pretending to be absent in that home.

Especially in families with a large number of children, it is important that each child is given equal time. As the number of children is low or in single-parent families there are no other siblings or the number is small, the task of giving more time to the child is calculated more and more for the parent. The time for your child is your time – the time for your child is yours – your time is yours ?

The time you spend with your child will make it easier for you to cope with stress and to overcome the difficulties you face. When we look at the researches made up to the adulthood period, we found that those who have more close ties with parents and family in childhood have more easily recovered from stress situations and more easily recovered from depression. This will ensure that your child is stronger in stress in the short and long run.

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The time you spend with your child will provide you with a close relationship with her, which will make her feel more comfortable emotional and therefore easier to understand her emotional and inner feelings. Otherwise he will become a child far from you, who can not express his emotions to you, and who has no intrinsic, shared problems with his family. In the long term, this situation seems likely to lead to many psychiatric problems.

We can say that quality is not the length of time you spend with your child, but quality. Especially the time which is an important problem for working mothers is one of the most frequently asked questions.

The issue we emphasize here is;
By increasing the quality of the time you spend with your child, you can meet the comforts of this need.
Do not forget to spend some time with your children in a daily life stream, making dinner, watching television, sleeping and many other daily activities.
According to each age group, you will divide your child as both mother and father, and your child will be happy and contribute to his normal psychological development.
Otherwise your child will be asked to spend time with your behavioral problems and you will have to take care of it with force.

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