Can Lying Memory Indicator?

What about lying in children? Scientists have wondered about it.

According to a recent study by child psychologists, children with memory are lying better.

In the study published in the journal Experimental Child Psychology, it was seen that good lying children could remember more words in the memory test.

In a study conducted by researchers from North Florida, Sheffield and Stirling universities, 114 children, six and seven years old, came from four different UK schools and participated in the study.
Researchers playing the question-and-answer game with children recorded the behavior of the children with the hidden camera.

In this way they were able to distinguish the children who were secretly looking at the answer to the question.

In the later stages of the research, they focused on the children who lied about why they were looking at the answer to the question.

But the same kids were not so good about visual memory.

Researchers explain the relationship of this to lying : Lying requires a trace of verbal information rather than visual memory.

Elena Hoicke, a doctor at the University of Sheffield, states that it is well known that adults lie in an average of five quarters of their social communications that last 10 minutes and more, so it is interesting to know which children lie better.
Hoicke says their next goal is to explore how children first learn to lie.

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