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Teachers can use smart applications for education

Teachers can create more digital education environments with the education smart applications to be used in education  Storage and Collaboration: Google Drive It has never been easier to come together and work with your clan friends in a virtual environment. It is sometimes difficult to hold a clan meeting on busy school days. But now you can work, write, draw and […]

Is it possible to increase the intelligence of children?

Intelligence test Every parent wants his child to have high intelligence. But does the children’s intelligence increase? What can be done to increase intelligence? Considering that only 20% of Einstein’s intelligence has reached great thoughts, it is possible to say that the use of intelligence is as important as intelligence. Because intelligence tests may not […]

Application supporting the education of dyslexic children

Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences PhD Student Günet Eroğlu has developed a mobile application called Doğa Auto Train Brain Er for children with dyslexia who have difficulties in school life and learning. Günet Eroğlu, PhD student at Sabancı UniversityComputer Engineering, developed a mobile phone application based on the neurogarmination for dyslexic children. Günet Eroğlu conducts her doctoral study […]

Kindergarten Kids Learning : Educational Games

Kindergarten Kids Learning : Educational Games

Kindergarten Kids Learning : Educational Games Description Learning games/puzzle activities for kindergarten & preschool children (age 2-5 yrs). To teach your kiddo abc,rhymes,counting,colors,shapes,vegetable/fruit/sports charts. The interactive learning is a great mode of education as toddlers enter kindergarten as kinesthetic learners. Features *Alphabets charts/quiz *Numbers charts/quiz *Rhymes *Playground *Educational charts You can also checkout other applications […]