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Which book should be read at what age?

Which book should be read at what age? -3 YEARS OLD * Musical, voice * Tactile stimulus * Familiar objects * Bright color * Less words and have plenty of pictures of these words (such as animals, goods) * Easy to wear quality * Hands to fit the size of these picture books touch, retention process begins. It helps to recognize the […]

What are the Stories doing to the Child’s Brain?

How much is the child’s brainaffected by the stories? About a year ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics explained that child care should include introducing children literacy from birth. This means: Pediatricians should advise and encourage parents about how important it is to read even the youngest children. Dr. This statement we have received with Pamela C. High also […]

The benefits of Reading

People who do not know what you think of words do not stay. People with wider vocabulary are now accepted by everyone who thinks better, grasps and comments. In short, we have to have a vocabulary to understand and understand the lesson in order to learn. We also need to improve the brain functioning. This […]