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Category: Development

What is the age of mathematics?

In the US, children and young people are taking math classes until they finish school. However, students studying art in New York are rebelling. So, to what age is learning mathematics necessary? The students of LaGuardia Art School, which is the subject of the film “Fame”, do not oppose the school preparing students for both […]

How does pre-school education affect the child’s brain?

There are critical periods in the development of the brain. The most important of these periods are undoubtedly the preschool period. Here the characteristics of the brain in pre-school period and the importance of pre-school education in terms of the brain . Recent neuro-educational research, the neural mechanisms underlying academic skills, examine emotional and social […]

Influence of Success and Failure on Children

Is failure a positive opportunity to learn and develop, or is it a negative experience that hinders success? According to a study, how parents respond to this question is very effective on the idea that happy children can improve their intelligence by working. If we think about motivation and how the mind develops, parents are […]

The 5 Most Effective Way to Grow Entrepreneur Children

Nadia Goodman, one of the fun writers of the world of finance, wrote on his blog by analyzing along with the experts how the children should be followed to be trained as bold entrepreneurs. We wanted to share this beautiful article with you: Tomorrow’s business leaders and founders of startups, young happy children raised by today’s families […]

6 Suggestions for Children with School Phobia

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist recommends warm and sincere treatment while helping children get to school and beating school phobia. This year, a new era begins in the life of the school bell. However, this year, as opposed to other education periods, those who have reached the age of 5.5 years start their first year. […]

Let the Children Play with the Mud

Children love to play with mud and water. Biological anthropologists made important researches on this subject. Research shows that children who play in the mud have less risk of developing chronic diseases in advanced ages. When Thom McDade was early in his career, he realized that the best place to study human development is not […]

Your child should learn these behaviors before 10 years old.

Your child should learn these behaviors before 10 years old. Considering the developmental periods of children, there are certain behaviors that should be acquired. Before your child reaches the age of 10, the following behaviors should be prepared for life. 1. Children are not enemies of their family. They should be able to ask for help from […]

Can Lying Memory Indicator?

What about lying in children? Scientists have wondered about it. According to a recent study by child psychologists, children with memory are lying better. In the study published in the journal Experimental Child Psychology, it was seen that good lying children could remember more words in the memory test. In a study conducted by researchers […]

Children with autism do not recognize obstacles

Turkcell is taking another important step under the umbrella of the Without Barriers Turkcell. Turkcell’s treasure inside is spent in the project to life under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, special classes established in schools and aims to support the education of children with autism all over Turkey with a free digital applications. […]

Which Programs Should Children Watch on TV?

Kids spend almost 18 hours a week in front of the TV. What should children watch in front of the television, what should parents watch them? Experts said that the research revealed that children spend an average of 18 hours a week on TV, and therefore,, For this reason, prohibiting TV is not a solution; […]