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Germany spent 133.4 billion euros last year for training

Foreign Language Education in Preschool Period

According to data from BERLIN – Germany’s Federal Statistics Office (Destatis), education expenditures in Germany amounted to 133.4 billion euros, up 3.9 percent compared to 2016 last year. Education expenditures accounted for 4.1 percent of the country’s GDP last year. The largest part of the expenditures with 66.1 billion euros was to primary and secondary […]

She is 4 but Library Officer

little library officer

Daliyah, who reads more than 1,000 books although she is 4 years old, signed a first for a day as a library officer at the Library of Congress! The four-year-old Daliyah, who lives in Georgia, has read more than 1,000 books . On January 10, the first day of the Library of Congress, she became a member of the unity library . Daliyah […]

This country is a horror show’: Kindergarten classroom song goes viral

WHEN Georgy Cohen visited a kindergarten classroom in the United States this week where her child was set to attend school, she noticed something that didn’t sit well with her. At first glance it looked innocuous but on closer inspection it’s rather heartbreaking and has been described as “a sick sign of the times”. On […]

Waldorf Education System

No technology, smart board, no tablet; blackboard, chalk, paper and pencil, sewing needle, mud … It is an undeniable fact that the educational system is important for the child’s personality, for the creation of creativity, for the learning process, for the emergence of his abilities. Because in the most important years of the child we […]