Do You Pay Attention To The Child’s 18th Month

The development of babies should be closely monitored. Parents should know which features the babies show in which month. Experts draw attention to the 18th month.

The development of babies should be closely monitored. Parents should know which features the babies show in which month. Clinical psychologist Nazan Ülkü says that babies, especially 18 months, are important. Nazan Ulku, 18 months, although a few words, can not talk, can not establish eye contact, call out and interest can not be seen in babies should be suspected of autism, he says.

One out of every 150 people in Turkey autistic. According to the data of the Autism Platform, there are around 125 thousand children with autism in the 0-14 age group. Autism, a developmental disability and neurological disorder, begins in the first two years. Your child laughs less than other children, does not respond despite your call, does not make eye contact and language problems in the development of autism hints that means. Do not pass developmental delays with excuses such as le I was too late ”or“ It was like this when his father was a child Gelişim.

Nazan Ülkü, a clinical psychologist from Acıbadem Hospital, warns parents to monitor whether the child’s development is appropriate for their age. Autism is a combination of genetic and environmental influences. Studies on the causes of autism are still ongoing. Expressing that the 80 genes are presumed to cause autism, Nazan Ülkü emphasizes that it is not possible to diagnose autism during pregnancy. Ulku, the most important period in the diagnosis of autism is the baby’s 18th month, he says.

Ülkü said that babies established eye contact with their caregivers from the day they were born, in 12. can make headlines per month, can attract attention to objects that attract attention; when they are called, they can react to their names. At 16 months, they can speak a few words. If an 18-month-old baby does not show these reactions, it must be evaluated in terms of autism.

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In the same way, a 24-month-old baby can say about 10 words and understand about 50 words. If there are delays in language development of the baby, it should be evaluated in terms of autism. Gelişim Dr. Nazan Ulku, eye contact, calling with the name of calling, finger showing, such as weakness in every case should be suspected of autism says.

According to research, autism is 3-4 times more common in boys than girls. According to Ülkü, this is due to a mutation in the x chromosome, although it is not certain in research.


If you suspect your child may have autism, contact your child mental health professional or child neurologist as soon as possible. Experts use a variety of tests to assess the degree of autism, intelligence, adaptability and communication skills, behavioral development. There’s no definitive treatment for autism.
The disease is a life-long lasting disorder. However, early intervention may cause changes in the frequency and severity of symptoms. Different medical treatments are applied for problems such as attention deficit, hyperactivity and obsessive behaviors that can be seen with autism. No known medication relieves social and communicative disorders, the main symptoms of autism. The aim of autism treatment, the regulation of the parent-child relationship, the development of empathy. This goes through special education and psychotherapy. Parents’ knowledge about autism and the fact that they play an active role in the treatment process together with their children increases the success of the treatment.

They don’t like to be loved, they don’t care about their environment.
They laugh less than the other children. They don’t like to be loved and they react.

Despite the parents’ call, they do not respond, they remain unresponsive. Most families even reduce their children to be deaf. The appearance, movement and behavior of the people in the surrounding area do not attract their attention. They pretend there’s no one around.

Autistic children, more speech is brought to the doctor with delay. The speech of autistic children whose physical development is appropriate for their age is quite backward compared to their peers. Children do not want to stay in bed when they do not sleep and expect their mothers. Autistic children can stay in bed for hours although they do not sleep.

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