Do You Take Time for Your Child?

It is very important for parents to spend time emotionally on the development of children, especially in the first five years.

Research shows that it is very important for parents to be emotionally involved in the development of children, especially in the first five years of age. Especially in these years, children have very positive contributions to the development of central nervous system.

Parents should leave aside the intensity of their daily work and only have time for their children. It is common for fathers to spend less time with their children due to various reasons they have difficulty in giving children time. This time of separation will provide many benefits for your child in the short and long term, so many of these benefits are just a few of them.

The time you spend with your child is very important in terms of his self-confidence development, as it is worth the time you give him. Out of the subconscious I care about you because I spare time you give the message. Acting as if it is not in the house, which does not take into account the presence and absence, indirectly affects the self-confidence of the child.

Especially in families with a high number of children, it is important that each child has equal time. Because the number of children is small or there are no other siblings in the families with one child or the number is less, the task of spending more time is calculated as a further increase in the number of parents.

The time you spend with your child will cause him to cope with stress more easily and more easily overcome the difficulties. When we look at the research done especially up to adulthood period, it is seen that people who have close ties with their parents and family during their childhood struggle more easily with the stress situation they face and they recover more easily in cases such as depression. This will make your child stronger in the short and long term.

The time you spend with your child will give you an intimacy between you and him, giving you a more relaxed emotional expression against you, which will make it easier for you to understand what he feels emotionally and internally. Otherwise he will become a child who is far away from you, cannot express his feelings to you and who does not share with the family even though he has many problems. In the long term, this seems likely to cause many psychiatric problems.

We can say that the quality of your child is not the length of time you spend with your child. One of the most frequently asked questions is time, which is an important problem especially for working mothers.

The issue we emphasize here is;
By increasing the quality of your time spent with your child, you can meet the needs of this issue.
Do not forget to spend time in your daily life with a program and eating, watching television, sleeping and so on with your child.
According to each age group, it will ensure your child’s happiness and contribute to his / her normal psychological development.
Otherwise, your child will ask you for time problems with behavior problems and you will have to deal with it.

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