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How does pre-school education affect the child’s brain?

There are critical periods in the development of the brain. The most important of these periods are undoubtedly the preschool period. Here the characteristics of the brain in pre-school period and the importance of pre-school education in terms of the brain .

Recent neuro-educational research, the neural mechanisms underlying academic skills, examine emotional and social behaviors. In particular, brain development, plasticity and findings related to the same neurons emphasized the importance of creating an optimum environment for each individual to learn and the importance of preschool learning.

• In terms of the development of the human brain, the first definitions, concepts learned, methods of approaching and solving problems in the first four years constitute the ilk road maps and life compasses ilk of people in later life. In other words, in pre-school education, priority should be given not to academic skills but to process skills, ie communication, expression ability, social skills.

How does preschool education affect the child’s brain?

• In-class activities that are planned and organized for the implementation of the training program should have features that enhance the performance of the brain by happy children . Many brain-oriented concepts such as motivation and pleasure of the brain, right-left brain working in integrity, cross activities, use of excitement and emotions in learning, planning and organizing, postponement and concentration, and the infrastructure of all the activities and activities of pre-school teachers. It should be created. In this process, especially in pre-school period music events are one of our greatest helpers. Psychodrama, which is another approach technique, aims to raise awareness to the person.

• identifying the skilled and talented people with modern techniques that measure brain functionality in countries; Training in accordance with a model developed for this group; training of trainers and support personnel to work with this group; and making legal arrangements that will ensure sustainability of all these is a very important step for the loss of human resources.

• Seeking answers to the question ından Who will remain to the future e is very important to draw attention to problems and innovations in the field of education. The future will remain the owners of creative ideas and creative actions. This brings up the process of restructuring schools.

.The development of thinking skills is a process that begins at a very young age. If we can teach our students to ask the right questions and to look at what they have learned from different perspectives, they will come as individuals who can produce them in the future.

• Creative thinking is, in part, a different way of thinking but benefiting from critical thinking techniques. Although there are individuals who are superior in nature at a rate of about one percent, a group of about 24% are educable creators, and creative expert thinking skills should be trained by the expert.

• Our students; different culturebrain – brain1 – How Does Preschool Education Affect Your Brain?they have different levels of emotional and social maturity. As they have different perceptual preferences, they also have different learning styles / styles. Positive learning environments should be established for each student.

• Children with delays or difficulties in speech and language development are easily noted when compared to their peers in preschool institutions. The role of preschool institutions is very important for the realization of the problem and the stimulation of families.

• Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), consisting of three main components of attention deficit, hyperactivity and impulsivity, should be considered as scales and tests used to diagnose childhood disorder, and should not be confused with what kind of conditions and approach methods should be considered.

• Children with sensory integration disorders should be approached with understanding, this should not be more than misbehavior or mood, but it should be kept in mind that there may be a sense integration disorder.

• Child developmentists and educators emphasize the importance of education in the early period. In the Brain Based Learning Process, which overlaps with the basic principles and objectives of pre-school education, it is important that teachers are informed about different educational and teaching approaches and based on brain-based learning approaches instead of traditional methods when making education plans.

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