Is it possible to increase the intelligence of children?

Intelligence test

Every parent wants his child to have high intelligence. But does the children’s intelligence increase? What can be done to increase intelligence?

Considering that only 20% of Einstein’s intelligence has reached great thoughts, it is possible to say that the use of intelligence is as important as intelligence. Because intelligence tests may not exactly show the intelligence of our child.

Is It Possible to Improve Children’s Intelligence?In other words, he takes our child who has low scores in intelligence tests, develops his intelligence, dissolves lots of intelligence tests, conducts discussions that lead to thought, leads the way of past scientists, plays games that develop mind skills and dexterity together, learn to love learning and awaken a sense of curiosity. If we dispatch the same test a year later, we can see that the scores of our child’s intelligence test are high.

Is it possible to increase children’s intelligence?Intelligence is a skill that can be developed or even developed. When we look at the general characteristics of children with high intelligence, we see that there are children who are interested in learning from a very early age, who speak quickly, who walk fast, who perceive fast, but who get bored quickly as perceived. When these children are in the environment to grow their intelligence, their capacity utilization increases and they reach great successes.

Intelligence alone is not enough for success. What we call genius in different branches such as Mozart, Picasso, Mikelanj and Steven Hawking, and the people that we cannot understand what they have done, is that they have worked for many years in the area they target while capturing these achievements.

As a child, he cannot achieve this success unless a human being makes a human effort in the subject he wants to achieve. Consider Federer, whose place in world tennis rankings has not fallen from the top 3 for many years. He would not have been able to get a good tennis training and where he came from, no matter how talented he was.

High intelligence is a skill that only facilitates the work of children, but let us not forget that we have the capacity of a huge, inert brain that will determine our intelligence and contribute to its growth . If we can use this capacity well, then the dimensions of what we can do will increase to much larger proportions.child development – intelligence development in children – is it possible to increase the intelligence of children?

For this reason, we should reveal our children’s mental abilities, direct them to activities that will use their mental capacities, and not let the television and computer blunt their brains.

Of course, television and computer should not be completely removed, but to increase their mental capacity intelligence games, activities to increase handicraft, to increase physical development to be directed to the sport, often to develop their thinking skills to discuss and discuss the issues we need to make a multi-faceted think. The only thing to be avoided in doing so is not to describe what they say and do as ”stupid lar and not to approach even the most ridiculous ideas of us.

How to go to school for lessons, private teachers and tutoring lessons from the teacher in the same way we get help from teachers, psychologists and psychiatrists for their mental development should benefit from their knowledge and experience in this field. We should not forget that their personal development is more important than their ability to reach out by hand.

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