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Which book should be read at what age?

Which book should be read at what age? -3 YEARS OLD * Musical, voice * Tactile stimulus * Familiar objects * Bright color * Less words and have plenty of pictures of these words (such as animals, goods) * Easy to wear quality * Hands to fit the size of these picture books touch, retention process begins. It helps to recognize the […]

Your child should learn these behaviors before 10 years old.

Your child should learn these behaviors before 10 years old. Considering the developmental periods of children, there are certain behaviors that should be acquired. Before your child reaches the age of 10, the following behaviors should be prepared for life. 1. Children are not enemies of their family. They should be able to ask for help from […]

How to Treat a Computer and a Game Addict?

How to Treat a Computer and a Game Addict?

In computer games, the game squares passed in front of the eyes of the player who plays the game quickly think quickly and try to act quickly.When such games are played for hours, the brain is programmed to think fast and move fast. But the brain The physician who evaluates many things at the same time as his / […]

Parents who slow down the brain

The overprotective parent model not only restricts children’s freedom. According to Japanese researchers, it can slow the development of the brain! The news that I read in New Scientist magazine says in a nutshell: Psychiatric disorders are more common in children whose parents are overly protective or negligent. Because psychiatric disorders are associated with disorders […]

Can Lying Memory Indicator?

What about lying in children? Scientists have wondered about it. According to a recent study by child psychologists, children with memory are lying better. In the study published in the journal Experimental Child Psychology, it was seen that good lying children could remember more words in the memory test. In a study conducted by researchers […]

Children with autism do not recognize obstacles

Turkcell is taking another important step under the umbrella of the Without Barriers Turkcell. Turkcell’s treasure inside is spent in the project to life under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, special classes established in schools and aims to support the education of children with autism all over Turkey with a free digital applications. […]

Which Programs Should Children Watch on TV?

Kids spend almost 18 hours a week in front of the TV. What should children watch in front of the television, what should parents watch them? Experts said that the research revealed that children spend an average of 18 hours a week on TV, and therefore,, For this reason, prohibiting TV is not a solution; […]

Do You Take Time for Your Child?

It is very important for parents to spend time emotionally on the development of children, especially in the first five years. Research shows that it is very important for parents to be emotionally involved in the development of children, especially in the first five years of age. Especially in these years, children have very positive […]

Is it possible to increase the intelligence of children?

Intelligence test Every parent wants his child to have high intelligence. But does the children’s intelligence increase? What can be done to increase intelligence? Considering that only 20% of Einstein’s intelligence has reached great thoughts, it is possible to say that the use of intelligence is as important as intelligence. Because intelligence tests may not […]