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Do not just judge your child by scores

The experienced educational staff stated that instead of evaluating the children’s grades on the floor, versatile assessment would be healthier.

They said that students who are weak in carnes are a bit hesitant about knowing their situation beforehand,he said that the student who made the broken note was not a very healthy reaction to trying to punish him.

Describing that the carnets with weak notes are not only the child but also the mother and father’s chambers at the same time, he noted that the parents did not have a healthy approach to wait until the end of the year and say “you brought it well, you brought it bad”.

Exactly, the fact that the parents, who evaluate the child’s performance, do not wait until the carnival, should communicate with their teachers during the year and follow their children’s situation, emphasizing, “If we have waited until the carnival, maybe the job has gone through.” Instead of waiting for the child to get used to the report, “We have to be very supportive of weak issues, stronger in areas where we are strong, we have to do our best, we have to act very badly or encourage the child to lie,” he said.

Reminiscent of playing on the notes of children who are weak in the carnina and afraid of the parents’ reaction, he continued:

“It is very unfortunate for a child to get into such a way, it is not such a nice thing about the parenting style, if the child is afraid to change the note, it is more important to be honest with the child from a young age, to face the problem beforehand, So we have to talk to the child from the beginning of the year and say, ‘Do we have weaknesses? How can we strengthen them, what to do?’ it is necessary to deal with the issues. ”

“Are the high marks in the ranks a success?”

He said that the parents always focus on the notes starting from the nursery school and that their parents are successful and think that they find them as lawyers, engineers or doctors.

Often, this is due to the fact that the mother and father focus on direct notes from very early ages and it is important that we have a good understanding of our child.Mother and father, ‘many maths’, weak teacher in subjects and we ask their children how many hours a week they are doing sports. This is a problem if the child is growing up and there is no socialization and if he can not improve his self-confidence by joining the spore .. Children who are successful from the social side will be even more successful in their lessons It is better to take children in a one- “he said.

“Do not exaggerate the prize”

Often, the award may need to be repeated in the same success, but it should not be too exaggerated.

“This is not a learning method, so you should not exaggerate your scorecard gifts so you have to do something appropriate to your child’s age and situation.” The gift is so exaggerated that the child will be given the latest model mobile phone but the child is in secondary school or in the final year of elementary school.This is very exaggerated and it makes it difficult for the child to learn further.It is dangerous if the child only starts to learn for the reward.

The benefits of kindergarten

The benefits of kindergarten

The benefits of kindergarten

Kindergarten programs are designed to improve your child’s development in the following key areas:

  • social skills, like how to play with other children in a calm, sharing and rewarding way
  • self-awareness and respect for others
  • emotional skills, for example understanding their feelings
  • language, literacy and numeracy skills, such as reading stories and counting objects
  • a joy for learning and group activities, such as talking, drawing and making things together with other children their own age
  • ability to make new friends
  • exposure to new ideas and concepts.

Kindergarten also provides families with access to:

  • support and assistance for children with special needs
  • resources and links to community support services.


The progress of technology affects children’s communication skills

The progress of technology affects children’s communication skills

Especially the period between 0-7 years is very important in terms of brain development. Technological tools can negatively affect the socialization and communication skills of children of this age. The preschool period is not the tablet that the child needs, but the healthy bonds he has established with the caregivers.

kids technology

In the pre-school period, children may experience dizziness, sleep and restlessness because they do not have an anatomical structure that can handle stimuli from the screens. It is not a virtual but a real interaction that can be used by the child in the first years of his / her basic needs and can respond to his own voice, smiles and reactions. This is because your parents have a healthy connection with their child. ”

Tablets and smart devices are becoming new caregivers at home every day. Children can not eat without the tablet, the tablet is sleeping without listening to the song. The family is chatting together and eating dinner at the place where they eat dinner. However, in the first years of the child’s life, the only need is healthy relationships with the parents. This forms the basis of both the psychological development in the advanced years and the learning. There is a serious relationship between long-term use of the tablet and attention problems. Children who are exposed to long-term use of technological devices during infancy can observe attention problems, delays and adaptation problems when they start school. Tablets, while being entertaining, have effects in the real world and away from experiences. Besides the colorful, moving and fast world of the virtual environment, real life is extremely boring to children and increases impulsivity and leads to impatience in the school environment. ”

In the school period, it can be taught to be controlled and suitable for its purpose. During the school period, it is necessary to guide the children in contributing to the homework, using the information and using the information properly. The applications that the child is interested in growing can be the information he wants to reach, even virtual games. These can be audited together, the usage periods can be adjusted. Mobile phones are not a favorite in a child’s life until puberty. ”

The expersts pointed out that adults should set an example for children to use technology properly, “You have to be careful not to be a parent who keeps tablets on their hands to keep them busy, but it is very important to determine food, sleep and technology hours for the family. It is important to remember that you need to spend time together, interact, and experience what happens in the real world. ” .

Kindergarten Kids Learning : Educational Games

Kindergarten Kids Learning : Educational Games

Kindergarten Kids Learning : Educational Games

Learning games/puzzle activities for kindergarten & preschool children (age 2-5 yrs). To teach your kiddo abc,rhymes,counting,colors,shapes,vegetable/fruit/sports charts. The interactive learning is a great mode of education as toddlers enter kindergarten as kinesthetic learners.

*Alphabets charts/quiz
*Numbers charts/quiz
*Educational charts

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This country is a horror show’: Kindergarten classroom song goes viral

WHEN Georgy Cohen visited a kindergarten classroom in the United States this week where her child was set to attend school, she noticed something that didn’t sit well with her.

At first glance it looked innocuous but on closer inspection it’s rather heartbreaking and has been described as “a sick sign of the times”.

On the wall, next to a chart showing the alphabet, was the lyrics to a song.

“Lockdown, lockdown, lock the door, shut the lights off say no more,” read the lyrics on the classroom wall, which are reportedly sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The little rhyming song is about what to do in case of a school shooting or similar situation.

It continues: “Go behind the desk and hide, wait until it’s safe inside. Lockdown, lockdown, it’s all done. Now it’s time to have some fun.”

Ms Cohen posted a photo of the poster on social media writing; “This should not be hanging in my soon-to-be-kindergartener’s (sic) classroom.”

As debate around gun control continues to rage in America, her Twitter post quickly spread across the internet, racking up more than 22,000 comments.

“This country is a horror movie,” wrote a different Twitter user who posted Ms Cohen’s photo seperately, receiving more than 133,000 likes and 46,000 retweets.




Ms Cohen who didn’t want to identify the school told The Boston Globe that the “jarring” sign was a far cry from the fire drills she had as a young student and lamented the state of the country after a string of school shootings.

“It was different — we didn’t have these same types of threats,” she told the newspaper. “These are the things they unfortunately have to do … I get it.”

Plenty of people chimed in on social media, decrying the harsh reality encapsulated by the poster.

Ms Cohen said she was pleased that her post had garnered such a strong reaction on Twitter and was quick to engage in debate about the issue of gun control with other users.

“To be shocked by it is important,” she told The Globe. “To see that absurdity and horror and have that sick feeling in your stomach is important. Stay outraged. And if it gets somebody to do something — to give money to an organisation or to call their representatives — then great, I think that’s important.”

The poster adorned the wall of a school in Somerville in the state of Massachusetts. As the story of the classroom song went around the world, the local Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and Somerville Public Schools Superintendent Mary Skipper issued a joint statement to media saying the poster reflects the reality for students across the country.

“As much as we would prefer that school lockdowns not be a part of the educational experience, unfortunately this is the world we live in,” the statement read. “It is jarring — it’s jarring for students, for educators, and for families.

“Students in Somerville and across the country know how unnatural this is, as evidenced by their vocal leadership and advocacy this year in response to continuing school shootings.”

Such drills have become common practice in classrooms across the United States and teachers say songs like this one can help the younger students stay calm and remember the steps they need to take in such situations.


Characteristics of Preschool Children

Characteristics of Preschool Children

We have expectations for a set of abilities that we call developmental tasks for each age. For example, if we are going to give examples of infancy; our child could sit without support in terms of body development for 6 months, walked when it was 9.5 months, accelerated by mimicking our hand movements during 6-8 months of mental development
The order of developmental tasks is from culture to culture, from child to child; but the time may change. Some who sit late, walk, some talk early. This temporal difference does not provide information on intelligence as opposed to the blood of the community. In some cases, for example, delay in each area can be a problem.

Knowing these developmental tasks, their age skills is a prerequisite for defining our child and for a healthy education.

Our children are in the pre-school period in terms of their development. Pre-school period covers 2-6 years. Personality development is based on this period is taken. This period; a period when they have increased their experience for their mental development
In this period, when the child began to use the language and was able to relate to other people outside the parent, the child began to earn his independence. They want to do every task on their own, they do not accept your help and guidance. Stinks. For example, parental guidance has several purposes. Eating your food, playing to have a good time, harmony … However, the only goal of the child is to reverse your wishes. That is why he has said his own word and wants to be able to do his own work. It is an effort to prove to you that it is a ‘human being’ that it is a separate individual in this way.

By learning to walk, toilet training, talking, the child has become able to act on his own. Stop stalling is difficult for this older child. Every object, event etc. The first contact for the first experiences, a great curiosity on him, stirs the excitement. Everything has been opened to his discovery. For this reason, restricting certain non-intrusive movements will limit your curiosity and excitement for research. It is a matter of great importance to educate the child without restraining his actions at this point without breaking his courage, to educate him, to use reward in technical terms. So that, with feedback, it will know the future potential of children’s potentials and boundaries. They should be given the opportunity to try out the results provided they are not too serious.

At this age, our children are in a period when they are beginning to learn the truth, the wrong, the social rules. In this process, the foundation of conscience is thrown away. At this age, moral rules are more open to learning; but these forms of learning are ill for them. They compare the information they first learned with the new information without realizing it, and then the analysts. For this reason, it must be tolerated. It is not coming from ignoring mistakes, mistakes, on the contrary, to see and to respond in a calm manner. But be careful to be consistent. One day that is wrongly accepted, the other day should not be right. If necessary, it should be supported with appropriate punishment.

The easier it is for parents to start school, the less difficult the child will have. Before starting school, it is helpful to tell the school, teachers, games, other children who go to school.

Children who meet art in preschool period is intelligent

Children who meet art in preschool period is intelligent

With the multi-faceted art education given in pre-school years, the children who are supported by their development and creativity are also changing their outlooks on the outside world. Most of the art activities are; It helps the child to develop original thinking, to increase self-confidence, to be more productive, to try to change the environment in a positive way, to be aware of it, to think versatily, to improve problem-solving skills.

Mental Health is Important as Body Health!

Children should be in contact with visual and auditory arts from the moment they are born for a healthy development process. The importance of art education is increasing day by day in terms of the fact that the health of the body is best followed, and the children who have made intensive efforts to develop their mental and motor skills are individuals with a healthy mental structure.

Communication Gets Strengthen!

The most important goal of early childhood education is the education of imagination. Therefore, the first six years of art education is indispensable for the individual. Kindergarten should be the place where children can express their feelings and thoughts in an environment and materials. Children who meet with art events and visual items in pre-school period perceive visual symbols that they will meet for life faster and more accurately. Thus, at every stage of their lives, they express their emotions and thoughts better with text, painting, music or other visual arts.


Kindergarten education

Warning to parents about the age of children starting nursery!

Psychologists stated that the different skills and experiences of the children should be handled according to these areas every year and the families have found recommendations to determine the age of starting the nursery.


“By observing the behavior of your child in your group of friends, you can understand that the nursery time has not come,” said Psychologists , who noted that even if the children were not adhering, the nursery should not be difficult.

Keeping in mind that it is very important for children to adapt to the world from the time the child is born, “It is important to follow the development of the child in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social fields in this sense as it is very important for the healthy development of your child who is trying to adapt to the world from birth. the pre-school education process is also an important and valuable step for children who are starting to get more places .. Children are used to social life, learn to share …

Kindergarten education


During the past 10 years, the press has said about the features that should be in children to start nursery school, stating that it has begun to be needed more for pedagogical reasons as well as for economic reasons in the last 10 years:
“Until the age of two, known as dairy, the child needs maternally and materially more and is not recommended until the age of 2. The children who are not brothers and sisters at home can find new friends and gain a sense of responsibility when they are at home. By observing your behavior, you can understand that the nursery time does not come in. Many early morning children are accustomed to and started to socialize after they go to nursery … Watch your health and behavior carefully in the first days of the cramp. Give it time and suggestions to get used to it. ”


Even if a non-adaptee child should not be sent nurseries, Psychologists said, “If you are experiencing problems with toilet training in your child, cooling off from school, sleeping problems, deterioration in eating habits, aggression, communication disorders, try to find alternative solutions for nursing without losing time. it is expected that the child will be able to say “good-bye” or “good-bye” to his parents or carer without deeply anxiety and anxiety, ie ready to be separated from them. Of course the nursery may be a little uneasy during the first days. The nursery should be able to convey to parents the important developments that the child has had while away from his parents and the wrong behaviors made to him, even if not in detail. 


Recalling that the child who can not tell the needs of toilets can lead to the difficulty of sending the nursery, Psychologists said, “It is supposed that the nursery child can say that he or she has come to have a pancake and a cacus or at least they can say” I made a pancake “,” I made a pancake ” It is expected that a child who is not able to speak very simple needs such as ‘I am hungry’, ‘I want water’, ‘I have a bad feeling’ may have trouble if I send his or her own food.It is expected to be able to eat the food of the kindergarten by itself. but the child must be willing to go nursery and make new friends.Entertainment should be possible.The nursery should be as independent as the child can choose an activity without the help of a teacher The event you have attended successfully lasts 10-20 minutes.

Symptoms of dyslexia

Symptoms of dyslexia

Dyslexia the symptoms of dyslexia, reading difficulties and learning disorder referred to as a condition that this is usually children more seen. Geniuses disease described as dyslexia disease in today’s  Albert Einstein especially Leonardo also Vinci, Steve jobs, Henry Ford, Graham Bell and Ozzy Osbourne, such as trace left people seen. Treatment of non-this disease, the brain the operation of affects and hereditary some problems leads. However, the disease of course, a solution there are, and people psychological as specialized people who support to take is recommended. Disease early diagnosis is quite it is important. Cause of the child’s school age of how a training take and skills how to develop in respect of families way to track makes it easy. Dyslexia disease symptoms of speech difficulty pull or late speech new learned words are using strain word  hesitation and rhyme to find strain reading challenge pull problems in solving.