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Parents who slow down the brain

The overprotective parent model not only restricts children’s freedom. According to Japanese researchers, it can slow the development of the brain!

The news that I read in New Scientist magazine says in a nutshell: Psychiatric disorders are more common in children whose parents are overly protective or negligent. Because psychiatric disorders are associated with disorders in the brain’s so-called ‘prefrontal cortex’.

The Japanese have done the research: Kosuke Narita from Gunma University examined the brain of 50 people in her 20s. He also gave a questionnaire to the subjects in the first 16 years, questioning their relationship with their parents. This survey, called ‘Parental Bonding’, is a sort of ‘parent-child relationship meter’ used around the world. Among the items to be evaluated were comments such as ‘He did not want me to grow up’ or ‘He would control everything’.

Another protectionism of love other Narita, found that the gray matter in the brain of young people who described their parents as overprotective was less. Another interesting finding is that, in cases where the father is neglectful and not the mother, the brain is the least of the gray matter in the same region!

Research for the following reason came to me particularly interesting: you know, good parenting in Turkey, mostly mixed with excessive protectionism. Every time he stumbles, the boy jumps over, is not allowed to do anything on his own, he is played with the child’s psychology to establish authority.

Neglect is at the other end of the extreme protectionism: I mean not to spend time with the child, not to show any interest, not to have a relationship, to pretend that there is no. This is unfortunately a common situation in fathers. Are the related, relevant fathers not treated like priceless Indian fabrics?
Of course, it is not possible to make generalizations based on a little research. According to psychiatrists, there are more important factors that cause serious discomfort. Nevertheless, no matter what happens iyle Parents would be better off being too overprotective of their children, stop mixing with love!

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