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Recommendations for Families that Begin the Kindergarten!

– Kindergarten – Recommendations for Families that Begin the Kindergarten!Primary school first class and the registration of the smallest of the little ones preparing to open a new page in their lives Monday (September 12th), experts advise families to be calm and determined, to give a sense of confidence to their happy children .

Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Dr.Tamar, the first class of primary school or children in the first grade, the school may start in the beginning of the in school anxiety ece by drawing attention to the parents, according to the attitude of their children to act in order to help overcome anxiety, he said.

Tamar, in particular, who have a tendency for anxiety, who have difficulty adapting to new situations, can be seen in this issue, said Tamar.

Professor Dr. Tamar said that it was normal for each child to have a little anxiety when starting school, but that excessive anxiety could cause problems. Many children ensure the harmony over time. It would be more difficult for children who did not attend pre-school preparatory classes. It will be easier to start children in preschool education.


Tamar, parents who will face this situation to behave in a cold-blooded and the child to provide relief.

Stressing that the child’s anxiety would be overcome if the mother or father is also anxious, Tamar said:

Even the mother’s facial expression is important, the child feels. Cold blood will work. A lot of advice is useless. Our attitudes, approach, calmness are always more relaxing for the child. It must be calm and determined, it gives the child a sense of security. If the father is anxious, then the mother lives and the child can be stretched. Empathy is being established, ‘What I do is how it affects my child, is it a joyful environment that we all talk together, or does my child feel uncomfortable talking with my own needs?’ he should ask them. In cases where the anxiety is prolonged and the family cannot cope, seek professional help.

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