Recommendations from 10-year-old person, the world’s smartest person

The scientist Dr. Michio Kaku is known as the most intelligent person living in the world. Kaku said that children should be taught technology, unlike most people, against internet bans in children. He also points out 10 years old.

His books are physicists and futurists, who are described as f one of the smartest people in the world phsics who broke sales records.

We talked with Kaku about the education system of the future and their professions. According to Kaku, many professions will make robots in the future, but they will not be able to get their jobs from the teachers.
Here is what Kaku told about the future, especially education:
Professor Dr. Michio Kaku takes care of age 10.
We are all natural scientists, in fact, we ask people Why always. The children’s future begins at the age of 10. At this age, it starts to wonder if you are exploring other lives besides your parents. But the process stops at age 16, scientific curiosity ends. The first reason is peer pressure You’re going to be a cow? Why do not the football star or pop star? ” They say they can. The second reason is that science is boring in rote education. Between the ages of 10-16, it is necessary to inspire children, to find a role model, not to kill their scientific curiosity and to excite them, and this interest will last for the rest of their lives.

The education system teaches us how we can live in the 1950s, but it doesn’t tell us how to keep up with future changes.

Clever Child – Clever Child 1 – 10 Age Alert from the Most Intelligent Person in the World
Technology is important in education.
Everyone can reach the information. Tablets, no textbooks. Google will have contact lenses like glasses. Student will reach all information with ‘blink’. This will turn the education upside down. The student will not have to memorize formulas. All classrooms will be three-dimensional. The memorization will be removed. so the teacher will be very important. The teacher will guide, guide, mentor.

The student will not have the excuse of ‘missed the course’ . Reflected on the wall of the lecture room. If you don’t understand what you’re missing in the lesson, the robots will tell you. But real teachers cannot be replaced by students because they cannot understand and do not mentor. Schools, classes will always be. Children learn both internet and social skills in schools.

If you deprive children of the Internet, they will fail socially. Both the old method and the other children, such as jealousy, sharing, fighting, such as human emotions to live by socializing. He should learn social media.
In the future, the university degree will be more important. For those without a diploma, there will be a ceiling for their salary and they will not overcome it. Being and prosperity will come from technology and science.
The biggest university of the future will be iCloud (cloud). Even today, the courses at MIT or Stanford are accessed via the Internet. But the rate of those who quit e-learning is 90 percent, because there is no homework, evaluation, orientation or even peer pressure. There’s no one to guide them. Communication for success in education, personal touch is imperative. That’s why there will always be teachers.
Jobs such as repetitive jobs, brokerage, agency, such as the robot will be made by. But in the future there will always be professions such as scouting, gardening, policing and construction work. Robots will not be able to work on issues that require creativity, imagination.
Intelligence has nothing to do with your IQ or your father’s money. Intelligence means to see the future, to design the future. Successful and intelligent people think 10 years and 20 years later. Fewer minds “What can I do now?” It is short-term.

Young people are uploading everything to Facebook. In 15-20 years, feelings and memories will be sent as SMS and shared on social media. First users will be kids. Today, young people in Japan are wearing headphones at the party, and if you are interested, headphones go up and down.

The toilets will have chips and a liquid biopsy. Your cancer genes will tell you the restroom before they get to you. Three-dimensional designs will be made in the hall of your home. You will receive the output of the human organs from the printer. You will produce your kidney from your own cells.

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