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She is 4 but Library Officer

Daliyah, who reads more than 1,000 books although she is 4 years old, signed a first for a day as a library officer at the Library of Congress!

The four-year-old Daliyah, who lives in Georgia, has read more than 1,000 books . On January 10, the first day of the Library of Congress, she became a member of the unity library .

Daliyah established a complete book and was already an honorary librarian of the library where she was. Daliyah started reading before 2 years old. sHe read his first book, Ann’s Big Muffin, about a month before she turned 3. Daliyah’s mother, Haleema, enrolled her daughter in a show called the 1,000 Books …

Daliyah’s mother Haleema sent an e-mail to the Library of Congress describing her daughter’s love of books.

“I thought about it and decided to try to get my daughter to go to the biggest library in the world to help her improve her experience. Why not? I wrote to myself. they invited. “

This visit was a visit to Daliyah’s dreams. Libraries were very important in the life of this young man, as his family told Daliyah how important it was.

Daliyah, the library library of the Library of Congress during the 2-hour trip. He met Carla Hayden. Hayden let Daliyah sit at his table and chatted with him about books.

Source: Buzzfeed

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