Silicon Valley Billionaires Bored From Classical Schools Created This School

New schools are very different from the philosophy and understanding of today’s schools prepared by the money and brains of Silicon Valley’s billionaires.

Educational software developer AltSchool, which is part of the ool micro schools dahil network in California and New York, is growing rapidly with a $ 40 million new funding source. When Mark Zuckerberg first started, the schools that began with Peter Thiel’s founding movement reached a budget of $ 130 million.

AltSchool is a network of micro schools 35 registered between 35 and 120 students, each aiming to bring their education to the 21st century.


Max Ventilla, former personalization head at Google, founded the company AltSchool in 2013. Today, it has seven locations in the Bay Area and New York.


The venture-backed school system is expected to spread rapidly in Chicago after the autumn of 2018.


We made observations at AltSchool’s school in Fort Mason. During the visit, the school costs $ 20,000 per year. 


AltSchool also divides students in the 4-14 age group into three basic groups: Primary, Primary and Secondary. There is no class level in the traditional sense.


A training day in AltSchool begins with attendance polling. When children arrive, they sign in on a special iPad by applying for attendance through the school’s system.


The Follow-up app is one of many tools developed by an on-premises product team that includes Google’s former employees.


These products are included in My.AltSchool, a digital platform called PLP, which monitors everything from student participation and grades to food allergies and personalized Learning Plans.


PLP is the basis of the AltSchool system. Teachers; work for a set of goals based on the interests, likes, strengths and weaknesses of the student.


Each child receives a leri playlist içeren that includes individual and group activities aimed at achieving these goals. For example, the following student writes an entry for his / her block on collecting coins.


The following 8-year-old was using Pac-Man to play MaKey MaKey. MaKey  is a simple circuit board that converts log objects into touch user interfaces.


The following player performs activities with circuits.


Teachers select events by creating new items and by searching the My.AltSchool library to find items.


This time of fluent teaching allows the teacher to walk around the classroom and interact with face-to-face students.


Primary school students spent the morning doing a shared item / activity. The children below appear to lar notice lar the last park trip.


To suppress distractions and concentrate, children wear headphones during the playlist.


Technology is not required to complete all activities, but is used to document students’ work. The following student used an iPad to take a picture of the clipping of his / her news and uploaded the picture to the play / event list.


Class is just like technology. AltSchool adopts a personalized learning approach. Students, carpet, bags, and their own productions spread all over the room in the attic.


Classes are treated as stations rather than spaces designated for different grade levels. Students pass from room to room during the day. Micro schools are important to maximize space, especially when a four-room school building is not feeling congested.


Craft and cleaning materials are stored where young children can reach them. 


The cameras are also at eye level for children. This is why teachers observe moments like  ”in the child, which is a sine qua non for successful courses. Some kids even use cameras as secrets and share their secrets with the camera.


After lunch, students leave their playlist / activity lists and work in more integrated group projects.


Secondary school students are assigned to the class redesign. The following 11-year-old student designed a course course. He is currently writing a parental leave for his Google Chromebook.


His classmate learned how to use a 3D modeling software from online tutorials and designed an urban garden-inspired seating area. 


Another student who wanted to become a veterinarian, lawyer, writer and author of the manga comic book, trained a closed tea garden. He said that he loved the job because of his contribution to the ini talent.


The $ 40 million fund provided by AltSchool will enable it to go beyond other schools in New York.


Studies on personalization of Silicon Valley’s favorite elementary school are leading. 

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