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Social Experiment: Are Adults Intimate Against Children?

UNICEF has released a video that demonstrates the most indifferent and unfair behavior of people towards poor children.

This social experiment by Unicef ​​reveals that people attach more importance to clothing than the importance given to humanity. In the social experiment, the 6-year-old Anano is waiting on a busy street in the Georgian capital Tbilisi with two different outfits.

Soon, he’s interested in Anano. Anano is in the same spot, this time in old clothes, above-the-ground dirt, and still doing nothing while no one is interested.

The same experiment is done in a restaurant this time in the film. Clean and well-maintained Anano has great interest from the restaurant customers. But nobody is approaching Anano, who is dirty and neglected.

The social experiment prepared for UNIXF questioned the perspective of adults to children and measured their sincerity.

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