Symptoms of dyslexia

Dyslexia the symptoms of dyslexia, reading difficulties and learning disorder referred to as a condition that this is usually children more seen. Geniuses disease described as dyslexia disease in today’s  Albert Einstein especially Leonardo also Vinci, Steve jobs, Henry Ford, Graham Bell and Ozzy Osbourne, such as trace left people seen. Treatment of non-this disease, the brain the operation of affects and hereditary some problems leads. However, the disease of course, a solution there are, and people psychological as specialized people who support to take is recommended. Disease early diagnosis is quite it is important. Cause of the child’s school age of how a training take and skills how to develop in respect of families way to track makes it easy. Dyslexia disease symptoms of speech difficulty pull or late speech new learned words are using strain word  hesitation and rhyme to find strain reading challenge pull problems in solving.

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