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Teachers can use smart applications for education

Teachers can create more digital education environments with the education smart applications to be used in education 

Storage and Collaboration: Google Drive

It has never been easier to come together and work with your clan friends in a virtual environment. It is sometimes difficult to hold a clan meeting on busy school days. But now you can work, write, draw and chat on your meetings or lesson plans on a common document, wherever you are; you can also easily see who wrote what, where they made changes.

Also, you don’t need to buy extra harddisk for your archives accumulated during the year. Google Drive offers you extremely secure storage. You can store your created archive here, share it with your friends at any time and access it from any smart device.

Virtual Classroom of Your Real Class: Google Classroom

If you want to make your classroom virtual and reach all your students at the touch of a button, Google Classroom is a great option for you! You can download this free app to all your smart devices. Create your class, add your students yourself, or share code with your students to get them involved. Your class is ready!

So what is being done in this virtual classroom:

* You can easily prepare assignments using Google Documents via Google Drive and share these assignments with your students. Don’t worry, you will keep your original assignment, and with a single click, Google will automatically send a copy of the assignment to your students.

Set the delivery time for your students homework. 
Google will also store assignments from your students, along with student names, in a special folder for you on Google Drive. 
Check assignments in the Assignments menu, give feedback to your students in the comments section and grade assignments in the grading pane. 
Make announcements to your students, share videos and files to prepare for class.

Class Management Tool: ClassDojo

These lovely avatars will be your students! The ClassDojo application, which is also a free application, downloading and installing the app, type in the names of your students and create your class. Determining positive behaviors that are essential in practice and behaviors that need to be developed.

You can change the behaviors you have seen according to the structure of your own class and you can edit the scoring. Students love their avatars very much and do their best to get a high score when you project them into the classroom. In this way, the management is very easy everywhere with students.

The Art of Trailer / Film Creation for Special Occasions: iMovie

Specific days and weeks, year-end shows are a must for class teachers. It is now easy to customize these days and shows with your students and leave good memories. iMovie’s iPad application is quite simple and you can use it with the Turkish interface. All you need to do is make your students do activities, work in class, play games, and more. take photos / videos. When you log in to iMovie you will be asked to select a trailer / movie theme. Then you can add your photos and / or videos on a theme you like and decorate it with articles from time to time.

You can also make edits, add text and visuals between them with the iMovie app.

 Virtual Wall in Your Classroom: Padlet

You can learn the preliminary information of your students at the beginning of the lesson, what your students have learned at the end of the lesson, and the opinions and suggestions of your students during this activity through this wall. All you need to do is open an account at padlet.com, create a wall and share the link with your students. In addition, not only in the classroom, even at home, your students can enter this wall, can answer your questions.

Fun, Colorful, Instant Assessment Tool: Kahoot

Kahoot, which you can easily apply from the first grade, admired by students, can be used as an assessment tool, opens the doors of a colorful and useful world to you. Log in to getkahoot.com from your computer to create a quiz about the topics you’ve covered, project your classroom projection. Adding the app to your home screen by entering kahoot.it from your students’ iPads, or you can do this step by step with your students, is a very simple process. The app added to the home screen will allow your students to enter your quiz. Your students will be connected to the quiz you write their names and read the questions from the board and see the answer on their iPad shaped. Periodical questions and suspense music from behind will add excitement to your quiz and get your students’ attention instantly. The goal here is to be quick and careful. The fastest gets the most points.

Create Virtual and Colorful Mind Maps: Popplet

With Popplet Lite, a free app on the App Store, your students can create colorful mind maps. You can ask your students to create a mind map on a topic you’ve covered. You can save and print the mind maps prepared by your students with visuals, texts and easily use them in your classroom board and portfolio presentations to be made at the end of the year.

The Color of Poster / Postcard / Collage Making for Special Occasions: Canva

With Canva, a free application, you can make unique color designs for your class both on your computer and iPad for special occasions. You will see visuals for card, collage, poster, social media and more in this application. Some of the designs are free of charge, but free templates will be ideal for you. As it has a simple interface, you can ask your 3rd and 4th year students to prepare posters.

Create Stories with Encoding: Scratchjr

Scratchjr opens the door to coding and story building for your students. As it is known, schools that use technology now care about coding week and even try to spread it.

Coding does not only give the child the purpose of achieving results; it teaches how to think every step it takes to reach the result, to predict the result when it takes the step and to act in a planned way. This is where algorithmic thinking is born.

Scratchjr is a pupil of the students with cute characters and backgrounds.

Your students can create a story through characters, select backgrounds that match that story, and write codes to characters on a page-by-page basis.

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