The 5 Most Effective Way to Grow Entrepreneur Children

Nadia Goodman, one of the fun writers of the world of finance, wrote on his blog by analyzing along with the experts how the children should be followed to be trained as bold entrepreneurs.

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Tomorrow’s business leaders and founders of startups, young happy children raised by today’s families with an entrepreneurial spirit ; This entrepreneurial spirit is an increasingly important virtue in these days when the young people have taken over the startup world and the freelance industry has grown.

“It’s all about shaping the behavior of the child,” says New York University Langone Medical Center in happy kids area serving as an assistant professor Dr. Andrea Vazzana. ”Social sensation is very important, and the sooner you get to your child, the better.“

Here are 5 recommendations that parents can rivet their entrepreneurial skills in their children:

1: Sample based problem solution:

If you want to prepare your children to find new business ideas in their daily life, develop their problem-solving skills yet young people. When a problem arises in the child’s life, you can head for a solution. Help them identify the problem, think about possible solutions, evaluate the pros and cons and make the best choice.

Anna As parents analyze, discuss and discuss with the child in the task of solving problems, they will be even better for the child, says Vazanna.

2: Have children learn from failure:

Your attitude as a parent is  trial-and-error-learning-retry ; A basic ability for entrepreneurs will determine how prone you are. Shape criticism as a learning mechanism by helping your child develop their abilities to achieve this, or discussing what they will do differently in the next experiment.

When you offer suggestions for improvement, complete your sentence with a positive praise. ”It’s called a return sandwich , says Vazanna. ”Then the child doesn’t feel criticized, he can get the positive message.“

3: Let your children decide:

The trust of an entrepreneur is based on the independence he gained at an early age. When your children are little, you can let them decide what to do at dinner or choose their clothes. . You show them what it’s like to decide, and you’re helping them enjoy it,  Vazanna explains.

Limit options in young ages. According to Vazanna, children may be confused by many choices. As your child grows, loosen the ropes and trust them in more important decisions.

4: Strengthen the sense of authority:

Entrepreneurs take big risks, but living with uncertainty is not an overnight talent. Children still need freedom to test their boundaries and to dominate their fears when they are young.

When your child faces a risky situation, first help and then free them. Anna Situations should be more difficult as time progresses ,, says Vazanna. This gives the child a sense of authority. ”In order to raise them successfully, you must empower them for their self-confidence while taking risks.

5: Teach constructive ways to challenge the status quo:

Children are often told to follow the rules blindly; a habit that hinders entrepreneurship. Instead, teach children to construct constructively their own rationalities and challenge norms. Ask them what they want to change. Why they want and what they offer instead.

First, you make them an example. Vazanna states that children take their children as a model. Your behavior is how children question the norms diplomatically and when they must obey the rules

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