The progress of technology affects children’s communication skills

Especially the period between 0-7 years is very important in terms of brain development. Technological tools can negatively affect the socialization and communication skills of children of this age. The preschool period is not the tablet that the child needs, but the healthy bonds he has established with the caregivers.

kids technology

In the pre-school period, children may experience dizziness, sleep and restlessness because they do not have an anatomical structure that can handle stimuli from the screens. It is not a virtual but a real interaction that can be used by the child in the first years of his / her basic needs and can respond to his own voice, smiles and reactions. This is because your parents have a healthy connection with their child. ”

Tablets and smart devices are becoming new caregivers at home every day. Children can not eat without the tablet, the tablet is sleeping without listening to the song. The family is chatting together and eating dinner at the place where they eat dinner. However, in the first years of the child’s life, the only need is healthy relationships with the parents. This forms the basis of both the psychological development in the advanced years and the learning. There is a serious relationship between long-term use of the tablet and attention problems. Children who are exposed to long-term use of technological devices during infancy can observe attention problems, delays and adaptation problems when they start school. Tablets, while being entertaining, have effects in the real world and away from experiences. Besides the colorful, moving and fast world of the virtual environment, real life is extremely boring to children and increases impulsivity and leads to impatience in the school environment. ”

In the school period, it can be taught to be controlled and suitable for its purpose. During the school period, it is necessary to guide the children in contributing to the homework, using the information and using the information properly. The applications that the child is interested in growing can be the information he wants to reach, even virtual games. These can be audited together, the usage periods can be adjusted. Mobile phones are not a favorite in a child’s life until puberty. ”

The expersts pointed out that adults should set an example for children to use technology properly, “You have to be careful not to be a parent who keeps tablets on their hands to keep them busy, but it is very important to determine food, sleep and technology hours for the family. It is important to remember that you need to spend time together, interact, and experience what happens in the real world. ” .

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