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Waldorf Education System

No technology, smart board, no tablet; blackboard, chalk, paper and pencil, sewing needle, mud …

It is an undeniable fact that the educational system is important for the child’s personality, for the creation of creativity, for the learning process, for the emergence of his abilities. Because in the most important years of the child we are putting it into a system. Here we have to analyze how this system will shape the child and how to transform it. Today’s parents are fortunate to be able to do this analysis, ‘Is it possible to have a different system from child rearing?’ they are eager to investigate. Of course social media can not be denied the contribution of the internet in this case, when every information is pre-emptive.

We now believe in different practices than traditional childrearing schemes, and we know that our children can grow with different systems from the educational system imposed on us.

Just at this point I would like to talk about the Waldorf Education from an educational approach that will tell you that another education is possible. This is such a school; they are now totally away from the idea of ​​equipped with technology that schools are proud of.

Even children are totally away from electronic devices. Instead of smart boards, old blackboards, chalks; There are plenty of paper pens instead of tablet computers. In this school, children are knitting, sewing, playing with mud. They’re playing games to learn. Spending time with nature, every child is jumping and jumping as they should. Contrary to what we think is not playing games on the tablet, it’s developing the child’s intelligence …




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