Kindergarten education

Warning to parents about the age of children starting nursery!

Psychologists stated that the different skills and experiences of the children should be handled according to these areas every year and the families have found recommendations to determine the age of starting the nursery.


“By observing the behavior of your child in your group of friends, you can understand that the nursery time has not come,” said Psychologists , who noted that even if the children were not adhering, the nursery should not be difficult.

Keeping in mind that it is very important for children to adapt to the world from the time the child is born, “It is important to follow the development of the child in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social fields in this sense as it is very important for the healthy development of your child who is trying to adapt to the world from birth. the pre-school education process is also an important and valuable step for children who are starting to get more places .. Children are used to social life, learn to share …

Kindergarten education


During the past 10 years, the press has said about the features that should be in children to start nursery school, stating that it has begun to be needed more for pedagogical reasons as well as for economic reasons in the last 10 years:
“Until the age of two, known as dairy, the child needs maternally and materially more and is not recommended until the age of 2. The children who are not brothers and sisters at home can find new friends and gain a sense of responsibility when they are at home. By observing your behavior, you can understand that the nursery time does not come in. Many early morning children are accustomed to and started to socialize after they go to nursery … Watch your health and behavior carefully in the first days of the cramp. Give it time and suggestions to get used to it. ”


Even if a non-adaptee child should not be sent nurseries, Psychologists said, “If you are experiencing problems with toilet training in your child, cooling off from school, sleeping problems, deterioration in eating habits, aggression, communication disorders, try to find alternative solutions for nursing without losing time. it is expected that the child will be able to say “good-bye” or “good-bye” to his parents or carer without deeply anxiety and anxiety, ie ready to be separated from them. Of course the nursery may be a little uneasy during the first days. The nursery should be able to convey to parents the important developments that the child has had while away from his parents and the wrong behaviors made to him, even if not in detail. 


Recalling that the child who can not tell the needs of toilets can lead to the difficulty of sending the nursery, Psychologists said, “It is supposed that the nursery child can say that he or she has come to have a pancake and a cacus or at least they can say” I made a pancake “,” I made a pancake ” It is expected that a child who is not able to speak very simple needs such as ‘I am hungry’, ‘I want water’, ‘I have a bad feeling’ may have trouble if I send his or her own food.It is expected to be able to eat the food of the kindergarten by itself. but the child must be willing to go nursery and make new friends.Entertainment should be possible.The nursery should be as independent as the child can choose an activity without the help of a teacher The event you have attended successfully lasts 10-20 minutes.

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